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The Queen of Hearts' Gothic Roots

In Tim Burton's Gothic masterpiece Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is one of the most memorable characters. With her bright red lips and crazy hair, she is the perfect symbol of love gone mad. In honor of Valentine's Day, we are taking a look at this twisted queen and her love for all things violent and dark.

The Queen of Hearts is a character full of contradictions. She is both loving and cruel, gentle and violent. She represents the dark side of love, which can be passionate and all-consuming but also dangerous and destructive. This makes her the perfect symbol for Valentine's Day, a holiday that can be filled with joy and happiness but also heartache and pain.

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Alice and Wonderland Gothic Earrings


For those who love Gothic romance, the Queen of Hearts is a perfect Valentine's Day icon. She embodies all the passion and intensity of Gothic love, with its mix of dark mystery and violent desire.

If you're looking for a Valentine's Day celebration that's a little bit different, why not consider spending it with the Queen of Hearts? She may be crazy but that's how she likes it.

We at Moonless Web wish you a Valentine's Day full of love and darkness. And as always, stay spooky!

XOXO - Raven

Tim Burton Gothic Queen of Hearts


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