Natural Pyramid Polished Altar Healing Crystal

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If you're looking for a dramatic and eye-catching piece to add to your collection of crystals, look no further than the Natural Pyramid Polished Altar Healing Crystal! This one-of-a-kind crystal is polished to perfection and features a beautiful pointed pyramid shape that is sure to stand out. The altar crystal is said to be helpful in the healing process, making it a great addition to any home or office.

  • Weight: 20-60g
  • Height: 50-80mm
  • width: 15-20mm
  • Quantity: 1 Piece

The origins of pyramid healing crystals are shrouded in mystery. Some say they were created by the ancients as a way to focus energy and connect with the divine. Others believe they were used as altar tools for divination or Healing. Regardless of their original purpose, these powerful objects have been used for centuries to promote wellness and balance. Today, pyramid healing crystals are popular among those who seek to connect with the earth's energies and promote positive change in their lives. From clearing negative energy to attracting abundance, these crystals can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you're looking to boost your own energy or create a more peaceful environment, pyramid healing crystals may be just what you need.

For centuries, people have used red obsidian for its healing properties. This ancient volcanic rock is said to have powerful energy and can be used for altar divination, scrying, and protection against negative forces. 

Obsidian has been used for centuries for its Healing properties. It is a powerfulstone that is said to help protect against negativity and to promote positive change. Obsidian is also known as the stone of truth, as it is said to help those who wear it to see the truth in themselves and in the world around them. In addition, obsidian is believed to have powerful altar divination properties and is often used in healing rituals and ceremonies. For many, obsidian is a sacred stone that can help to connect them to the Divine.

Additionally, it's no wonder that the people turned to Afghanistan jade for guidance. This rich green stone has long been associated with healing and altar divination. For centuries, the people of Afghanistan have used jade to connect with the spirit world and receive guidance on everything from relationships to political affairs. Jade is said to help one find their true purpose in life and to promote wisdom, balance, and peace. The power of jade can help to bring about some much-needed healing.

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