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Gothic Bat Pendant Necklace

Amp up your style with this Gothic Bat Pendant Necklace. It's the perfect way to add a touch of darkness to any outfit. This pendant necklace is a black enamel decoupage glass cabochon on a black chain with gilded panels. The gilded brass bezel is antiqued for an aged, vintage look and gilded gothic pattern.

The large pendant is approximately 1" in diameter, making it a real statement piece. Made in the USA from nickel-free brass, it is perfect for those with metal allergies. It also comes with an adjustable chain and lobster claw clasp for a comfortable fit. Add this necklace to your wardrobe and take your style to the next level!

Lore, Symbolism, and Fantasy of Bats in Gothic and Alternative Culture and Fashion

The inky, gossamer wings of night seem to spread their black lace in a filigree of darkness upon the pale skin of the sky. Bat symbolism in gothic fantasy ranges from the ghoulish to the darkly romantic. The bat is a creature of both myth and superstition, serving as a symbol for death, darkness, rebirth, vampires, ghosts, witches and warlocks.

Bats are often used interchangeably with other creatures to symbolize certain ideas or themes depending on the gothic fantasy in which they are used. For example, bats may represent ghoulishness within horror, while they symbolize night and darkness when depicting dark romance. They also appear alongside vampires to signify their association with death.

Bats were found commonly in gothic art, literature and music during the revival of the nineteenth century. They are still used today in fantasy to evoke moods or themes, particularly those related to darkness, death, night and ghoulishness.

Bats are ghoulish creatures that produce creepy sounds and feed on fear. They are associated with darkness, night and death due to their nocturnal habits. Bats are ghoulish as they are stunning with their sharp pointy teeth, blood-sucking origins, and their creepy gothic sounds.

They spend the daylight hours roosting in caves or deep gorse bushes, coming out again at night to hunt for insects, passageways or open windows. The gothic symbolism of the bat is dark and ghoulish because it is a creature most often associated with death and night.