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Pagan Pentagram Altar Bowl

Introducing our Pagan Pentagram Altar Bowl! This beautifully crafted brass bowl is the perfect addition to any altar or sacred space. With a diameter of 9cm and a height of 3.5cm, it's just the right size for holding candles, incense, or other offerings. Whether you're a new practitioner or an experienced witch, this altar bowl is sure to add a touch of magic to your practice.

This bowl is for display only. Do not heat, microwave, or place in dishwasher. Hand wash before handling.

Altar bowls have a long and fascinating history. They were first used by pagan tribes in Europe, who would use them to hold offerings to the gods. Later, they were adopted by witches, who saw them as symbols of power and spirituality. Today, altar bowls are still used by many people as a way to connect with their spiritual side.

Altar bowl designs vary widely, but they all have one thing in common: they are meant to be used as a focal point for ritual and meditation. Whether you use them to hold candles, herbs, or crystals, altar bowls can help you create a space that is sacred and special.

Pagan tribes in Europe were the first to use altar bowls. They would fill the bowl with offerings to the gods and leave them at sacred sites. This was a way of showing respect and appreciation to the deities.

Witches also used altar bowls as a way to connect with their spiritual side. The bowls were seen as symbols of power and spirituality. Witches would use them to hold spells and rituals. Today, many people still use altar bowls for their spiritual practice.

Altar bowls are a powerful tool for anyone interested in connecting with their spirituality. Whether you're pagan, witch, or gothic, an altar bowl can help you connect with the divine.