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Diamond Eye Jormungandr Ouroboros Engagement Ring

Diamond Eye Jormungandr Ouroboros Engagement Ring

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Jormungandr was the son of the Norse trickster god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Legend has it that when Jormungandr was still a wyrmling child, Odin happened to glimpse Jormungandr. 

He knew at once that this child would help to cause Ragnarok, and so, scooped him up and dropped him into the deepest part of the ocean.

But the ocean did not slay Jormungandr: there in the deep and dark, he grew stronger, and grew, until his scaled coils encircled the world. But this great serpent knew his own strength, and seized his own tail in his jaws, so that his own coils would do no damage to the world.

We hope this engagement ring carries the weight of this tale into your union: that even things begun small can be powerful; that all things, though unending, can change; and that your choices can change, and even save or destroy, all the world. Therefore let all your actions be thoughtful and intentional.

Diamond ring Jormungandr. Handmade 14k gold ring.


Materials: Gold 14k
Weight: 7 g
Stone: 2 x 2mm diamonds

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