Gold Dragon Eye Phone Case

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A golden dragon represents power, strength, and prosperity. It glistens with just a tiny amount of light. A luxurious handcrafted accessory to your mobile, it upgrades every corner of your iPhone or handset. The vibrant yellow-gold easily becomes the center of attention, and the even brighter eye can hypnotize in a glance! The perfect fantasy iPhone, Android, or Samsung phone case.

Available Phone Models

All iPhone Models
All OnePlus Models
Most Samsung Models
LG: G Series and V series only
Most Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, and Realme Models

Unavailable Phone Models

Pixel, Motorola, ZTE, NUBIA, Razer, HTC, Samsung Galaxy J2, Samsung J3 Orbit, Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip, Samsung Galaxy A10E, LG Stylo 6, LG Q7+

For centuries, the gold dragon has been steeped in lore and legend. Often seen as a symbol of power and wealth, these majestic creatures have inspired both fear and fascination in humans. In many cultures, gold dragons are seen as guardians of treasure and protectors of the natural world.

They are also believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who cross their path. Thanks to their impressive wingspans and shimmering scales, gold dragons are truly a sight to behold. And while they may be feared by some, there is no denying their regal beauty.

Embody the true spirit of a lucky dragon on your Android, iPhone, or Samsung phone case.

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