Wicca Red Snake Ring

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This black snake ring is wrapped snugly around your finger and topped off with a dazzling red garnet gemstone. It's perfect for goth girls, witchy women, and anyone who wants to add some dark glamour to their look. The oxidized silver plated alloy gives it a mysterious vibe, while the adjustable size ensures a perfect fit. Made in the United States of America, this is the perfect ring to add to your gothic wardrobe for your toe or finger.

Snakes in goth and alternative literature culture and fashion

In goth and alternative literature culture and fashion, the symbolism of the snake is universal. Snake-based imagery and gothic literature go hand-in-hand.  Snakes have been a symbol of immortality from ancient Egypt, through the Mayan civilization and into modern times.

The gothic writer Ann Radcliffe (1764-1823) once owned a pet snake, not as goth paraphernalia, but because she lived in an old house that had snakes living in the walls of it.

More recently, some regard a 'snake' as a goth with pale skin. This has been further influenced by gothic literature and gothic fiction novels.

The goth writer and poet Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was gothic writer Bram Stoker's (1847-1912) inspiration for literature's most famous gothic fiction character, Dracula. Oscar Wilde goths often wear a snake ring to serve as a reference to the pale Dracula.

Snakes are also common gothic fashion accessories. Gothic jewelry also commonly features blood-red garnets as depicted in our Garnet Birthstone Snake Ring. Garnet has the perfect dark red hue to bring the everyday a bit more mystery and beauty.

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