Wicca Ouija Necklace

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Summon the spirits with this gothic ouija necklace! The antique bronze alloy and glass cabochon create a spooky look that is perfect for any gothic ensemble. The pendant measures 1-1/2 by 1-5/8 inches, and the image is 1 inch. Whether you're wearing it to a party or just around town, this necklace is sure to turn heads! Made in the United States.

Lore and Mystery of Ouija Boards

The ouija board has been known to summon ghosts, demons, and spirits alike. It's also known as witchboard or spirit board. Players commonly form a circle around the board and place fingers on the planchette, asking questions like 'Is anyone there?' or 'What's your name?' before game play begins. For the most part, players ask questions that may summon dead loved ones or family members to communicate with. Many people say the board has the ability to summon otherworldly beings, but it is up to the players' interpretation of what they are seeing.

Though the game is intended to summon spirits, many people believe that evil forces will answer questions posed by players. Some people say there are three spirits that can appear during game play: the ghost of a young girl, the witch, and the old hag.

The story behind these three characters is based on a poem. It states:

Those who summon the witch should expect her, Those who summon the old hag may be cursed for life, Those who summon the young girl will have luck with love.

After people summon one of these three spirits, they often notice strange happenings, such as knocking on the wall, unexplained whispering sounds, or feelings of dread. This is because players summon ghosts with their questions. If they summon the witch, then they are putting themselves at risk to become cursed by her. If players summon the old hag, then they are in danger of seeing and experiencing things that aren't normal. And if they summon the young girl, then they will attract luck with love.

Many people say these are only myths, but the truth of the matter is that no one really knows what will happen when players summon ghosts with ouija boards. The game is intended for fun, so if people choose to summon ghosts with the board, then they should expect strange happenings to follow.

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