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Krampus Christmas Demon Goth Pendant Necklace

Made in the United States of America

Krampus the Christmas Demon

Krampus is a Christmas demon who comes to punish naughty children. He's a popular figure in folklore, especially around Europe and America – so much so that he even has his own Christmas movie.

But how much do you really know about him? What is his history, and what does he represent? Do we know enough to separate the real Krampus from the goth b-movie demon of sex and violence?

The lore of Krampus is that he came from the folklore of the Alpine regions, until people rediscovered him in the mid-1990s. Before that, pretty much nobody in goth circles knew about him.

Krampus the Christmas demon really began to grow in popularity following the 1990s horror film, "Krampus: The Christmas Devil" (1995). Since then, goth clubs have been holding Krampus parties on or around Christmas.

However, Krampus grew in popularity even more when the gothic metal band, Death in June, released their Christmas album "Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering" (2004). It's now goth tradition to celebrate Christmas with music, parties, and most of all, Krampus.

In the movie "Krampus: The Christmas Devil," a girl is being naughty when her boyfriend dies in a mysterious hit-and-run. Her saddened brother tries to figure out who killed his sister's lover, and ends up finding Krampus' underground lair.

Krampus turns out to be an ancient demon threatening to murder everyone in the world with his army of evil elves. The mysterious hit-and-run is revealed as a sacrifice to Krampus, as part of a plan to bring about the end of days as we know them.

In this movie, Krampus specializes in death and destruction. He's not limited to just scaring children, or taking them back to his lair. He's also the wicked stranger who will kill you if you don't watch your kids.

Krampus in this movie is not necessarily evil, but he does follow dark pagan traditions that are definitely mysterious and dangerous. Krampus may stop to discipline naughty children; however, he'll also kill you if you don't watch out.