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Nidhogg Dragon Head Arm Ring Torc Bracelet

Nidhogg Dragon Head Arm Ring Torc Bracelet

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Nidhogg Dragon Head Arm Ring Torc Bracelet. This Premium Ring is from our Handcrafted Viking Forge Line.

One of our most detailed tor arm ring bracelets, featuring the dragon-head endcaps styled after the dread dragon Nidhogg, often called the corpse-gnawer. Nidhogg is the great wyrm said to live within the roots of the great tree Yggdrasil, in the realm of Hel, where he devours corpses. But on the day of Ragnarok, it is foretold that he will gather corpses into his wings, and return them to the world to do battle again…

  • Metal Stamp: 316L
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Main Stone: None
  • Line: Viking Forge

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