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Gothic Raven Full Moon Earrings

These eerie, gothic earrings are the perfect addition to your dark wardrobe. The reversed decoupage glass cabochons give a ghostly appearance to the ravens and full moon, lending an air of mystery to your style. Accent beads in elegant antiqued brass findings complete the look, making these earrings a must-have for anyone who loves being spooky. Made in the USA with nickel-free brass parts, these earrings are sure to make a statement.

Specs: Image area 5/8" (about the size of a dime)

The Raven in Goth and Alternative Culture

Ravens started appearing in goth society when the Industrial and Goth genres started to merge. Goths started to identify with the Raven as a sign of death, knowledge and wisdom. It is because of this that Raven tattoos and Raven symbols became associated with Goths and unorthodox cultures.

Ravens are a representation of death due to many factors. The Raven is often seen as a messenger from the afterlife or dying, with a connotation of taking something evil away with them. Raven's are also known to be tricksters, which is associated back to the ravens stealing the Sun and Moon causing an eternal night.

This is also linked back to the Raven being a symbol of knowledge and understanding. The Raven is often seen as a "philosophers" bird, so it is also seen as the bearer of knowledge. Raven's are often considered to be intelligent, which lead to them being seen as a symbol of intelligence.

There is also Raven's connection to the mystical. Raven's would gather around battlefields and feast on the bodies of dead soldiers, leading them to be seen as a body of the Underworld. Raven's also have a tendency to eat rotting flesh, and carrion, leading them to be seen as creatures of the night.

These are just some of Raven's connections to death, knowledge, and wisdom. There are far more connections Ravens have to death, knowledge and wisdom than just these. Ravens are very often connected with Goth culture as they symbolize a lot that is related to Goth culture. Raven's are often seen as creatures of the nightfall, connected to death and darkness. Raven's are also considered intelligent creatures, which is very closely linked to the Goth subculture, who are often looked at as intelligent outsiders. Raven's are also considered "philosophers" creatures, which is related back to the Raven being a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.