Spooky Spider Goth Pendant Necklace

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Dazzle and spook your friends with this stylish spider necklace! The bewitching black glass cabochon is decorated with a web from a sinister spider, and set in antique brass for a dark and luxurious feel. Whether you're dressing up for a Halloween party or just looking to add some mystery to your style, this eerie spider pendant is sure to make an impression.

Specs: Nickel-free brass bezels and chain. * pendant is approximately 1" in diameter. Made in United States of America

Prevalence of Spiders in Alternative and Goth Culture

Spiders have a long and complicated relationship with the goth culture.   On one hand, spiders were seen as an omen of bad luck or death in many cultures that had a substantial amount of interaction with them. For instance, some English farmers believed that if a spider spun its web over the portal of a house where someone was ill, it meant that person would die. There is also a prevalent myth in certain parts of the U.S., especially the Southeast and Utah, that if a spider falls into someone's drink, they will die of poisoning (murder) within three months.

On the other hand, spiders were seen as important symbols by both ancient Celtic and North American tribes. In the goth culture, spiders are said to represent creativity and protection from negativity or harm. In Native American mythology, spider is a symbol for medicine men who could communicate with the spirit world and heal people. Strangely enough, both of these seemingly opposing perspectives can be seen in one context: Hallows Eve (more popularly known as Halloween).

In many cultures, spiders are seen as a symbol of death, but in the goth culture, spiders are often used on handmade items to add an otherworldly feel. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, this is actually a tribute to Native American mythology. In Navajo culture, spider webs represent protection from negative things and forces. In the goth culture, spider webs are often seen as a protective barrier against evil forces and negative energy.

For whatever reason, spiders (and bugs in general) tend to be associated with mysticism and magic. Both Celtic and North American tribes used spiders in their religious practices. The Native Americans would use spider silk for their webs; they believed the silk would catch all the negative energy and harm directed towards a person. Celtic Druids used spiderwebs in their spells to ward off evil spirits. Night-time rituals performed by both ancient cultures involved using a candle flame to illuminate a spiderweb, or hanging spiderwebs around sacred sites. In many parts of Europe, there is a myth that a spider's web spun in a window is a sign of an imminent death in the family.

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