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Wicca Human Skull Earrings

These Witchy Human Skull Earrings are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. With their reversed decoupage glass cabochon earrings and elegant antiqued brass findings, these earrings are sure to turn heads. Nickel-free brass ear wires and backs ensure that you can wear them with peace of mind. These dangle earrings measure about .75" by 1.5" in size, with an accent bead for added detail. The image area is 5/8" in size, making it just the right size to grab attention. Made in the United States of America

Skulls in Goth Culture

Popular skulls in fiction writing and skulls in goth and alternative culture can be traced back to three different locations in time.

The skulls in goth and alternative culture and skulls in fictional writing firstly appeared on skulls found at the site of Nacza, an ancient Mayan city in Guatemala. These skulls are known as the "Humboldt skulls". The skulls are likely to be between three and four thousand years old.

The skulls then appeared on skulls from around the eighteenth century in France. These skulls were used as a form of punishment for those who committed what was considered to be a serious crime, and especially those who committed mutiny or treason. These skulls were called "Phrenological skulls" as the skulls were used to study the skulls of criminals and skulls of murderers.

The skulls in goth and alternative culture and skulls in fictional writing thirdly appeared on skulls that can be found in gothic fashion. These skulls are related to various skulls that appear in alternative cultures, which came about as a result of skulls in goth and alternative cultures.

Skulls in goth, alternative, emo have been around for a very long time. There was a sudden rise in skulls about 50 years ago. The skulls came from sailors who were constantly overseas and dating foreign women and having skulls drawn on them by their new lady friends.

Skulls become more Mainstream

It didn't take long for skulls in goth to become very popular amongst the alternative culture community. As time went on, skulls became more and more popular with people who were not part of the alternative culture. By the time skulls became popular with corporate companies skulls were more of a fashion statement than an alternative culture statement.

As skulls became popular with celebrities, skulls became more pleasing to the eye. For example, skulls in goth tattoos are often very dark and shaded, while others may be light or colorful.