Ring Sizes for Jewelry

The Differences in Men's and Women's Ring Size

When it comes to ring size, there is a big difference between men's and women's sizes. The most popular ring sizes in the United States are between 3 and 13.5, with the majority falling within this range on a scale of numbers (and half numbers). Women's rings usually range in size from 3 to 9, while men's rings usually fall between 8 and 14. The average women's ring size is around a size 6 to 7 and the average men's ring size is around a size 10 to 11.

If you do not know your ring size, you can visit a local jewelry store, but you can also find your ring size by getting creative at home.

Option 1: Measuring Finger Circumference with a String

However, you can also measure your ring size at home using a simple ruler or tape measure.

To do this, wrap a strip of paper or string around the base of your finger. Once you have done this, mark the point where the two ends of the paper or string meet and then measure the distance between the mark and the end of the paper or string. This will give you your ring size in millimeters which you can then convert to a ring size using the chart below.

Every increase of 0.4 millimeters in-ring circumference is equal to a half size. For example, a size 7 is 17.3 mm in circumference while a 7.5 is a 17.7 mm in circumference.

How to Measure Ring Size: A Ring Size Chart and 2 More Tips | Real Simple

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Option 2: Place a ring you own on a Printed out Sizing Chart

If you have a ring that fits the finger you want to measure, you can also use it to figure out your ring size by matching it up to a printed out sizing chart.

To do this, print out the ring size chart below and then place your ring on top of the circles until you find one that matches up perfectly with the inside edge of your ring. Once you have found a circle that matches up, you will be able to see what your ring size is.

Size Chart: https://www.costco.com/costco-diamond-jewelry-ring-size-guide.html

Option 3: Purchase a ring sizer

A ring sizer is a small tool that helps you determine your ring size. It is a good idea to purchase one of these if you are unsure of your ring size or if you want to be sure that you get an accurate measurement.

When purchasing a ring sizer, make sure to buy one that is adjustable so that you can get a precise measurement.

To use a ring sizer, simply insert your finger into the appropriate hole and slide the sizer up or down until it is snug on your finger. Once you have done this, you will be able to see what size ring you need. There are plenty of options available on Amazon.

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