What is a Chalice Cup?

A chalice is a cup or goblet that holds liquid. It is specifically used during religious ceremonies and rituals. Wicca and other forms of Neopaganism commonly use chalices in their rites.

The Origin of Chalices

Chalices were originally used by the Romans and Greeks for drinking wine. The word "chalice" is derived from the Latin word "calix," which means "cup."

The early Christians also used chalices for drinking wine during their ceremonies. However, after the rise of Christianity, the use of chalices spread to other religions as well.

The Christian Chalice

In Christianity use of the chalice may take its origin from the Holy Grail - a sacred cup that is said to have been used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper. The grail was later found by Joseph of Arimathea and has been associated with many legends and stories.

In Christian ceremonies the chalice is often used to represent the blood of Christ. In the Roman Catholic Mass, for example, the priest consecrates the wine in the chalice and then shares it with the congregation.

Wiccan Chalice

In Wicca, the chalice is commonly used in two different ways. First, it may be used as a tool for scrying - that is, gazing into the cup in order to see visions. Second, it may be used as a container for holding liquid during rituals.

Wiccans often use chalices made of silver, pewter, or glass. The chalice is usually placed on the altar during rituals. The most common liquids used in chalices are water, wine, and juice.

The chalice is a very important tool in Wicca and other forms of Neopaganism. It is used in many different ways and has a long history. If you are interested in using a chalice in your own religious ceremonies, you should learn as much as you can about this important tool.

How are Chalices used in Witchcraft?

The chalice is one of the four primary tools used in witchcraft. The others being pentacle, wand and athame. The chalice represents the Water element and represents the Goddess's womb. The wide bottom or base of the chalice represents the material world, the stem refers to man and spirit, and the rim symbolizes spiritual energy being received.

What Wiccan Ceremonies use a Chalice?

In the ceremony known as the Great Rite, an Athame (one of the elemental tools - a knife with dark handle) symbolizes man, and a Chalice is used to symbolize woman. Together they represent the sexual bonding of man and woman.

What are Chalices Made From?

There is no specific material from which a chalice can be made. Christian high church chalices are often Gold, which seems excessive. The original chalices were often made from wood, bone, or inexpensive metals. We feel this is more in keeping with the Wiccan spirit of rejecting materiality.