Purple Witchy Gothic Phone Case

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Our best seller, this handcrafted decoden Purple Pool of Eyes phone case is magnificent in its dazzling color and detail. The golden eye in the center of the case dazzles with its high contrast to the magnificent purple. This witchy gothic case is sure to make your everyday nightmarish and spectacular. The perfect Android, Samsung, or iPhone phone case.

Available Phone Models

All iPhone Models
All OnePlus Models
Most Samsung Models
LG: G Series and V series only
Most Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, and Realme Models

Unavailable Phone Models

Pixel, Motorola, ZTE, NUBIA, Razer, HTC, Samsung Galaxy J2, Samsung J3 Orbit, Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip, Samsung Galaxy A10E, LG Stylo 6, LG Q7+

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that's true, then this pool must be full of lost souls. Staring up at me, hundreds of pairs of purple eyes seem to bore into my very being. It's as if they can see into my deepest, darkest secrets. And maybe they can. Maybe this pool is some kind of portal into the collective unconscious. Or maybe it's just a trick of the light.

Either way, I can't tear my gaze away from those eerie eyes. They seem to call out to me, begging me to take a closer look. And so I do. I lean over the edge of the pool and peer into its depths. But instead of finding answers, I only find more. That's the idea behind these bright, stunning decoden eyes. By decorating the whites of the eyes with colorful designs, a whole new level of expressive power is created. It's a way to show off your personality, and it can even be used to communicate messages without words.

If you look close enough, you will soon find out that two of the eyes will follow you into the darkness as they glow in the dark. This witchy phone case is our best seller for a reason and it is because it is the perfect accessory for those that appreciate gothic art, fantasy, and mystery. Add this fine grim horror phone case to your collection, and you will surely not regret staring back into this gothic phone case for many years to come on the backs of your Samsung, Android, or iPhone.

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