Rotten Eye Swamp Emo Phone Case

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Even when this emo phone case is in your bag, you will feel the evoking rotting presence of this case with these wicked eyes staring at you even while you sleep. You will feel as though maggots are eating their way through your case as it hugs each corner of your iPhone with brilliant eyes and a bold red design. The perfect decoden emo Android, Samsung, or iPhone phone case.

Available Phone Models

All iPhone Models
All OnePlus Models
Most Samsung Models
LG: G Series and V series only
Most Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, and Realme Models

Unavailable Phone Models

Pixel, Motorola, ZTE, NUBIA, Razer, HTC, Samsung Galaxy J2, Samsung J3 Orbit, Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip, Samsung Galaxy A10E, LG Stylo 6, LG Q7+

The eerie swamp washes up against the edge of the forest, a dark and foreboding place. The trees are twisted and gnarled, their branches reaching out like skeletal fingers. The ground is spongy and damp, littered with fallen leaves and rotten logs. And the air is thick with the smell of rotting vegetation. It is a place where few people dare to go, for it is said that strange things happen in the swamp. But those who are brave enough to venture into its depths may be rewarded with a glimpse of something truly magical. For hidden among the dark trees and dismal bog is a clear pool of water and lies something grim and mystical.

For generations, the people of bayou country have told tales of a haunted swamp. According to legend, the swamp is home to a spirit known as the Rougarou. The Rougarou is said to be a fearsome creature with the body of a wolf and the head of a human. Some say that the Rougarou is cursed, while others believe that it is simply a monster that lurks in the shadows, preying on unwary travelers. Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain: the Rougarou is feared by all who know of its existence. This gothic phone case embodies the spirit of the Rougarou and the haunted, rotten swamp. A perfect goth case for your iphone, samsung, or android phone.

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